Zelus Outdoors Ultimate Giveaway

Zelus Outdoors Ultimate Giveaway

Congratulations to our winners! Check and see if you can find your name below:

Hoyt Nitrum Bow Andrew Upshaw – North Dakota

Zelus T Shirt Jennifer Gleaton – South Carolina

ZELUS T SHIRT Bruce Bir- Colorado

Zelus T Shirt Zane Clancy

Muley Freak Apparel – Kevin Lloyd – Michigan

Muley Freak Apparel – Mark Little – Nevada

Muley Freak Apparel – Shane Hayes – Idaho

½ dozen Easton Archery Deep six Jared Selman – Utah

½ dozen Easton Archery Deep six Cory Snyder – Iowa

Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scope, Alex Hawks – Alabama

Vortex Diamondback binos – Nathan Howard – Indiana

Vortex Diamondback HP Rifle Scope Casey Bown – Utah

Mtn Ops Enduro – Josh Sanders – Arizona

Mtn Ops Enduro – Spencer Bennett – Texas

Mtn Ops Enduro – Scott A Gebers – Iowa

Mtn Ops Enduro – Cari Jackson – New Yrok

Mtn Ops Enduro – Bruce Cooper – Idaho

Beman Archery ½ Dozen arrows – Derek Paddock – Colorado

Beman Archery ½ Dozen arrows – Charles H. Campbell – Kansas

First Lite Chama Hoody- Scott Glenn – Utah

First Lite beanie – Chris Brokes – North Carolina

Sport Ear – Jeffery Ewing – Oregon

Ghost Strike – Jake Felt – Utah

Phone Skope 50.00 card – Clint Meyer – South Dakota

Phone Skope 50.00 card – Jake Johnson – Nevada

Phone Skope 50.00 card – Andrew Kremensky

Phone Skope 50.00 card – Zachary Flesher – California

Phone Skope 50.00 card – Jessica Fisk – Texas

Kifaru International woobie: Zach Semmons – Wyoming

Kifaru Zippy Highlander – Kevin Heinle – Montana

Delta Mckenzie target – Stacy Giacosa-Bauer – Florida

On X Map: Michael Perkins – Arizona

On X Map: Chris Trak

On X Map: Jake Hennings – Washington

On X Map: Cody Thurston – New Mexico

On X Map: Cami Barkdull

On X Map: Brad Hunt – Idaho

On X map: Tyler Mccluskey – Oregon

On X Map: Roger Sarver II – Michigan

On X Map: Steve J Hess

On X Map: Kent Anderson – Montana

Be The Decoy Elk– Amber Jones – New mexico

Be The Decoy Deer- Nate Heston- Idaho

Be The Decoy Antelope- Sean Keeney

Horn Hunter Drop Tine fanny pack – Brad Schell – West Virginia

Horn Hunter Bino Hub – Margaret Peckham

Wilson Electronics cell phone booster: Daniel Carson – Georgia

Wilson Electronics cell phone booster: Holley Lackey – Oklahoma

Wilson Electronics cell phone booster: Johnathan Halsey – Virginia



How To Enter Zelus Ultimate Giveaway

1)‘LIKE’ these pages.

2) Submit a valid email. (Winners will be notified by email)

3) ‘LIKE/SHARE’ the giveaway image on our Facebook page. (daily entries)

Link to giveaway, CLICK HERE

For a complete entry, one must ‘like’ all listed pages, submit a valid email, ‘like/share’ the image on our Facebook page.

What you are entreating to win:
Zelus Outdoors: 2015 Hoyt Nitrum Bow (1 Winner) Zelus Branded Apparel (3 winners)
Muley Freak: Muley Freak branded apparel (3 winners)
Vortex Optics: 20-60 x 80 Diamonback Spotting scope (1 winner) 8X28 Diamondback Bino’s (1 winner) 3-12 x 42 Diamondback HP Rifle Scope (1 winner)
First Lite: Merino Wool Chama Hoody in First Lite Fusion (1 winner) Merino wool beanie in First Lite Fusion (1 winner)
MTN OPS Mtn Ops Enduro (5 Winners)
Easton Archery: 1/2 Dozen Deep Six XD Mico Diameter Arrows (2 winners)
Beman Archery: 1/2 Dozen ICS Hunter Patriot Arrows (2 winners)
Sport Ear: Electronic Hearing Protection (1 winner)
Ghost Strike: Electronic in-ear Hearing Protection (1 winner)
Phone Skope: $50 Gift Card to www.phoneskope.com (5 winners) Phone Skope Setup for winner of Vortex Spotter (1 winner)
Kifaru International: Arctic Woobie (1 winner) Zippy Highlander (1 winner)
Delta McKenzie Targets: Travel Pro wrapped target (1 winner)
OnXmaps: State chips for your GPS (10 winners)
Be The Decoy: Speed Goat Hat (1 Winner) Blacktail Betty Hat (1 winner) Elk ASSassan Hat (1 winner)
Horn Hunter Packs: Drop Tine Deluxe Fanny Pack (1 winner) Bino Hub (1 winner)
Wilson Electronics: Cell phone signal booster (3 winners)

• All legal USA & Canadian residents are eligible.

• Simply “LIKE” all pages above, submit a valid email address, then “LIKE/SHARE” the giveaway graphic from Facebook for one entry. Individuals may receive as high as two entries per day.

• Enter every day

• Set privacy settings on public so that we can see you “liked” and “shared”; otherwise, we won’t be able to determine the winner.


• Giveaway ends at 11pm MST on Nov 5, 2014.

• To obtain the prize, the winner must respond by email or Facebook private message within three days of the contest ending.

• The winners will be picked at random from amongst the entries by compiling them into a single list and using a random number generator to determine the winner. Winner must have shared the images and liked all pages. Extra entries will increase an individuals chance of winning the giveaway.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to the owner of this Facebook page and not to Facebook.